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4. plass i Siddis Brass 2006

Vi fikk, med dirigent Tormod Flaten, totalt 98 poeng (91 + 7).
Kleppe Musikklag (dir. Frode Rydland) hentet hjem trofeet med totalt 103 poeng (94 + 9).
I eliten stakk Eikanger-Bjшrsvik Musikklag (dir. Reid Gilje) av med seieren for tolvte gang(!) med 105 poeng (96 + 9). Vi gratulerer!
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Dommerne sa fшlgende:

Paul Farr

Le Tricot
A very fine start. Played with good style, pulse and ensemble. Good attention to dynamics, maybe the mf could be one shade louder. But overall played with pressision. Well prepared band with good balance. Fine.

Song and Dance
Nice start once again but too loud on marc pp. Good tuning and ensemble. Lovely solo playing. Good sound and musical phrases. Great atmosphere, the musical content was very good. Most impressive rhythmical drive, well controlled. Some great band accompaniment well balanced and played with style. BUT the soloist really great efforts you play fantastic! Thanks.

Someone to watch
Nice again. Good change of style. Fine controlled playing. Some of the more simple slured phrases could have been smoother (withouth >>>) go for the musical phrases, you are good enough. Fine full sound. Nice controll. Generally a fine ensemble. Entrences were untidy, but Good.

Furioso Polka
Well this was furioso! Some good work, lots of clean playing but I found this a bit to heavy in style. Its OK but I didnt think this worked as well. Not to take away your commitment to the job of perfoming. Lots of hard work well done.

Dunlaps Creek
I thought the band sounded much better here, back to the stylish playing. Good balance. Very well played. Nice solos.

Another fine well prepared piece. Good control and lots of good band playing. Good tutti sound. The band showed, throughout the programme, great feelings of pulse and confident, well prepared and high standard og competence. Well done.

Gwyn Evans

Le Tricot
Confident start great sounds and lots of detail
Excelent rhythm plenty of space and time. Great choice to start. Just be careful not to overdo the upper dynamics.

Song and Dance
Opening (Muted) slightly untuneful to start. Nice Cornet sound especially in lower register. All goes well into Molto Vivo. Some excellent playing from soloist. Just be carefull that your vibrato doesnt konock your tuning out. Tends to pull you flat. However an excellent performance.

Someone to watch
Good start with nice textures noted then you loose it a litte at 4. Intonation problems in cornets. Nice Euphs at 6. All goes well to end.
I felt the music needed more shape and freedom (rubato). Didnt work for me this.

Furioso Polka
Furious tempo works well. This has lots of enerby and drive. Good detail throughout the band. However du to the fast tempo a lot of detail was lost.

Dunlaps Creek
Wome intonation problems at beginning but music flows and is well shaped by the MD. Nice solos to 44 ecellent acell to 72 building to a powerful close.

Good strong opening maybe a little overdone in the upper dynamics. Try not to loos the balance in the ff. Nice Trom, and the Band plays with energy.

Overall a good performance and well directed by the MD. Many thanks.

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